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Mexican Style Cauliflower Rice

Ingredients 2 Heads of Cauliflower 4 tablespoon Coconut Oil 4 small red Onion finely chopped 12 Garlic Cloves minced 4 Pimentos or Jalapenos finely chopped (depending on spice preference) 8 medium Tomatoes finely chopped 3 cup diced Bell Peppers 4 teaspoon Cumin powder 2 teaspoon Paprika powder, Cayenne powder or Red Chili powder 4 tablespoons Cilantro Salt to Taste One can Black Beans […]

Embracing a New Challenge

Noureen and I are expecting our first child! A new challenge that I am both excited for and incredibly fearful of at the same time. Since we found out, I have been noticing a constant feeling of butterflies in my stomach. The emotions are swirling – a mix of utter joy, complete overwhelm, wishing that […]

8 Signs that your Gut Bacteria are Out of Whack!

Every day, there are new studies coming out exploring the connection between human gut bacterial populations, and practically every other aspect of human health. Most people don’t realize it yet, but what you eat and how you live will change the makeup of your gut bacteria. This also means that if you can change your […]

19 Ways to Activate your Vagus Nerve

Living a life of stress and constant mental stimulation can lead us down a path of symptoms and medical conditions related to high stress. These people are often dealing with fatigue, food sensitivities, anxiety, poor digestion, brain fog and poor sleep quality. Those who suffer with these symptoms often suffer from lower Vagal Tone, meaning […]

6 Reasons for your Stubborn Belly Fat

Like many of my patients, I suffered from stubborn belly fat which continues to haunt me to this day. I tried many different diets and trends to help eliminate this spare tire. It stuck around with me until I was able to find the underlying reason for why it was present in the first place. […]

Should I Eat Organic?

“Organic food is expensive.” I hear this comment daily when I speak with patients, colleagues and friends. Is it even possible to always eat completely organic? In our daily lives, it is not always possible to make the best choices in terms of food. Nobody understands this better than an entrepreneur, chiropractor and owner of […]

Are you a Foodie or a Food Addict?

I love food. I used to think that I loved food, but I did not know what that love meant until I lost over 75lbs and my relationship with food changed. We all need food to live, but remember – food is a source of energy. We have become accepting of food-like products as real […]

Overcoming B12 Deficiency

Many people suffer from fatigue, low mood, brain fog and lack of motivation. One of the most common reasons for these symptoms is a deficiency in Vitamin B12. This vitamin is an essential nutrient for humans, meaning that we cannot produce it in our own bodies, thus we are required to take it in through a […]