Hi, my name is Navaz Habib.

The Energized Man

After studying medical sciences at the University of Western Ontario, I followed my calling towards providing natural health and became a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduating as valedictorian of my class at CMCC. At the same time, I was hurting myself without even knowing it.

I gained a significant amount of weight in school until I finally reached a breaking point –  the scale said 250 pounds. I was floored and realized that my health was moving in the wrong direction. I met my mentor in the knick of time to get me back on track using functional medicine. Upon studying this amazing tool, I began using the strategies and tools utilizing a root cause approach. I was able to finally lose weight and turn my trajectory around. I transformed my health and my energy levels, and that is why I now practice functional medicine.

You see, my passion is to open your eyes, yes YOUR eyes, to your potential. Your health can be turned around and your energy can be boosted, even if other doctors and health professionals tell you otherwise.

Because what I’ve realized over the years is THERE IS HOPE!

Hope for each and every person, each individual, if we take the time to determine exactly what is causing the issue in the first place – THE ROOT CAUSE.

This is what Functional Medicine enables me to do, and that is why my patients have such spectacular results…