Step 1: Decide to Change

I get a lot of questions when I meet people who have noticed my transformation. The most common question is “How did you do it?”

People want to know HOW I lost 75 pounds and have managed to keep it off.

There is no simple answer to this question. I have gone through the timeline of the last 5 years in my head over and over. The one constant that remains is that I DECIDED to change.

I was sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired. I decided that I no longer wanted to feel this way.

The single most important thing that needs to occur in order to allow change to occur in your life is to decide what it is that you want (or don’t want). In my case, I knew that I no longer wanted to feel tired and lazy. I could no longer stand the size XXL clothes which were my only option when I went shopping. I couldn’t stand the fact that my nose was always plugged. I hated that every time I performed the slightest physical activity, I would start sweating – profusely. And I had enough of being known as the Big Guy. Every dinner that I went out to with friends or family, I felt like the garbage can. Everyone would pass over the little bit that they could not finish, and I would undoubtedly, not let the food go to waste. I hated being the garbage can, and yet I allowed it to happen over and over again.

I wanted to NOT feel this way anymore. I had decided. And I was willing to do almost anything to make that feeling go away.

That meant getting into uncomfortable situations, which I knew would help me reach my goal in the long term but felt like crap when I was starting out.

I went to a personal trainer and couldn’t make it 25 minutes without running to the washroom to throw up. I decided to keep trying (with encouragement from my wife).

I began playing squash with friends – and man did I ever suck. I felt bad for holding my friends back, but I decided to keep trying (with encouragement from friends).

I changed the food that I was eating – the quantity, quality and content. At first it made me feel like a rabbit because I was just “eating grass”. I decided to keep trying.

I was determined to change, and I was DETERMINED to find a way to change.

Once I decided to stop worrying about the number on the scale and to eat food that made me feel good, the changes just started happening – and it was like dominoes falling down, one by one.

The best part of this positive change in my life has nothing to do with my weight loss. My attitude and perspective have changed for the better. I am significantly happier with every part of my life. My marriage is amazing. The time I spend with friends and family is more fulfilling. The effort that I put in at work is greater and I find a greater sense of accomplishment in it. I am starting a second business and I could not be more excited with where it will take me.

A wise man once said “Change your Mindset, Change your Life.”

Truer words have never been spoken in my mind. I would like to encourage anyone who wants to change a situation that they are in, to DECIDE to change and FIND A WAY to make it happen. Once you change your mindset and DECIDE that you want something better, you will be unstoppable. The improvement in my health and in my life are proof that once you are ready to change, and you decide to change, you will find a way to make it happen.

Step 1 – Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life.